Manufacturing begins with the dismantling of the decanter or separator first. All parts are cleaned, repaired and/or replaced during the disassembly process. Then, new parts, drum, vertical shaft etc. produced with its own material. they are mounted in a remanufactured centrifuge with excellent working conditions.

The difference between a newly purchased centrifuge and a completely overhauled centrifuge is the price. The functionality, quality and warranty of a reconditioned centrifuge is equivalent to that of any brand new purchase.

Centriplus offers its customers completely overhauled centrifuges. It also overhauls its customers' existing centrifuges. This means that your centrifuge, which you are currently using, can continue to produce for years.

Overhauling a centrifuge has the following benefits:

  • Extends the life of the equipment.
  • Improves the uses of the existing centrifuge.
  • Saves money compared to new purchases.
  • Increases supply options.
  • Delivery is fast.
  • Increases accessibility for spare parts.
  • Allows to apply proven process work.